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LIFE Clinic: Making Healthcare Accessible, While Encouraging Patient Participation

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

LIFE Clinic sees and treats over 5,000 patients every year, providing specialized care, lab work, treatments, and medicines. Our Haitian medical staff also personally prays over and shares the Gospel with each and every patient who comes through the doors, always pointing them to the Divine Physician and Healer, Jesus Christ.

It’s important to us at myLIFEspeaks that our patients participate in their care by paying a small fee and a percentage of what it overall costs us per visit. This helps them take ownership and responsibility for the care they’re receiving while also making it generously affordable and within reach.

For every clinic visit, we pay around $32 and we ask that the patient pay $3 to help contribute to their own care.

To give you an idea of the costs we incur to provide such accessible public health care to the village and greater community, we spend $2,000 per month just on medicines. We spend another $1,000 a month on emergency public health cases that come up that we haven’t planned for: i.e., accidents, cancer treatments, births, and C-sections.

If you feel inclined to help us continue to provide LIFE-saving and sustaining care we’d greatly appreciate it!

3 Specific Ways You Can Help:
  • Pray: Pray for our ministry and for all the people we serve on a daily basis

  • Share / Word of Mouth: tell others about myLIFEspeaks' ministry in Haiti

  • Give: Our monthly donors especially help us provide immediate ministry needs while also giving us the freedom and capacity to plan for future needs and growth



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