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we believe in the power of prayer

Become a Prayer Partner

There are many ways to support myLIFEspeaks ministry on-ground - One of them is by becoming a myLIFEspeaks Prayer Partner.


Prayer Partners are the first to know about specific ministry requests and urgent prayers. When there is a LIFE or death emergency in Neply, our myLIFEspeaks Prayer Partners and family are the first we turn to for interceding prayers.


These are the people who help carry ministry through the power of prayer. Together with the Holy Spirit we have seen prayer bring about miracles and continue to see miracles happen daily!


PHOTO-2021-02-10-19-02-24 (1)-2.jpg


On Wednesday, February 10th a few of our staff members were walking in the village and happened to witness a motorcycle accident just feet away from them. A young man from Neply, named Jackson, was thrown off the back of a motorcycle at high speeds, landed on his head and was knocked unconscious.


Jackson lay completely unconscious and bleeding after the accident. Missy Wilson, Co-Founder of myLIFEspeaks and one of the witnesses, recalls she thought Jackson was dead at first because he wasn’t moving and was bleeding.


ti nana

Ti Nana, a dear friend of myLIFEspeaks and member of our village commUNITY was in a tragic motorcycle wreck that killed the other motorcycle driver on impact and critically injured both Ti Nana and the driver of the motorcycle she was on. Ti Nana was left with massive wounds to her pelvis and legs, bleeding immensely, and fighting for her LIFE. When we got to her she was lying naked in terrible pain and unable to move. We put a mattress in the back of a pickup truck as a makeshift ambulance and transported her ourselves to another hospital.



We had a very sick 15-year-old boy, Lele, who is in unexpected kidney failure. After being rejected from one hospital, saying “there is nothing they can do,” we began the process of transferring him to another hospital in hopes they could help. At Haitian hospitals the family is responsible for buying and bringing the supplies needed for whatever procedure the doctor suggests. Because here, the needed supplies don’t just appear at the bedside in the hospital per doctors orders. There is no "treat first, pay later" mentality. Family members of the patient are forced to scramble to get the necessary supplies.

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