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we fight for families

An estimated 30,000 children live in 750 orphanages in Haiti. 80 percent of these children are not actually orphans. We believe in keeping families together. A family-based care model provides a nurturing, supportive, and inclusive environment for children and families.

myLIFEspeaks works closely with Haitian Child Services to create infrastructure so abandoned and neglected children don’t fall through the cracks. We provide family-based orphan care, similar to that of foster care in the US, for children who have truly been orphaned, neglected, and abandoned; many of whom have been discarded due to their special needs. We work to place as many children as possible with loving forever families, and keep them out of orphanages, off the streets, and out of danger.



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In a country where orphanages use relinquished children for profit, we equip and empower families to stay together.

We provide programs and resources that encourage and assist mothers and fathers to raise their children as a family. We remind parents that God trusted them to raise their children, and the best LIFE they can offer a child is one in a loving family, not an institution.




It wasn’t that Christla’s mom didn’t want her; she was desperate, already struggling to care for her other three children. She tried to abort her baby several times during the pregnancy by getting injections and drinking medicine/poison she purchased. All of the attempts failed. And because we had no idea she was there, she didn’t know about myLIFEspeaks’ programming either for at-risk, vulnerable families and pregnant mothers.



In March of 2020, Lowensky fractured his tibia while playing soccer. An infection developed at the surgical site which led to several more surgeries and complications spanning months. LIFE Therapy Clinic and LIFE Clinic came alongside him over the past year providing wound care, strengthening and range of motion exercises, in collaboration with the orthopedic staff at Adventist Diquini hospital.

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At one point, the question was asked, “If being the parent of someone with disabilities is a burden or a blessing?” When Bel Ewo first started, most parents would probably have said and believed it was a burden. However, today the parents say they see it as a burden and a blessing. Tania, one of our Family Home parents, spoke up specifically sharing a story about her adopted daughter Sarah who has significant emotional and mental special needs.

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