About Us


700 miles south of Miami, Florida lies the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere - the island of Haiti. Haiti is home to 11 million people, a majority of whom live on less than $3 a day.

Where life expectancy is low, infant mortality is high, quality health care and education is a privilege, and those with special needs are cast away, we protect & enhance LIFE at every stage.

myLIFEspeaks has become an integral part of life in the village of Neply. Now God is growing myLIFEspeaks past our home village and into surrounding villages. But it doesn't stop there. We believe God wants to use our programs and mission to bring change to the entire country.

By embracing LIFE at all stages and abilities, we recognize the fragility, uniqueness and importance of every human being. myLIFEspeaks echoes the truth that we are all God's beloved sons and daughters.


Who We Are

Our mission is to develop a Christ-Centered Culture one LIFE at a time through:

Family Empowerment

Educational Excellence

Public Health Impact

Based in Neply, Haiti, myLIFEspeaks is committed to creating a ripple effect throughout the country of Haiti by using sustainable, long-term commUNITY development and family-based support methods. 

Family Empowerment

At myLIFEspeaks, we believe in bringing and keeping families together. In a country where orphanages use relinquished children for profit, we equip and empower families to stay together. Our goal is to provide programs and resources that encourage mothers and fathers to feel empowered and equipped to raise their children in their home as a family. Besides encouraging and empowering parents and providing resources so families can stay together, myLIFEspeaks also utilizes family-based care for special needs and typically developing children who have been orphaned or abandoned.

Educational Excellence

myLIFEspeaks is passionate about creating a Christ-Centered culture through education. Providing a higher level of learning for children is an enormous step in helping create a more successful Haiti.  We believe that our integrative school, LIFE Academy, will create the confidence and opportunities that both general and special education students need in order to transform their future and their generation. Through integrated education, we are showing the community how we are all created in God's Image. Currently LIFE Academy has almost 100 students and this year just added a third grade class.

Public Health Impact

At myLIFEspeaks, Public Health looks a little different.

While we do offer above par healthcare to everyone at LIFE Clinic, Public Health at myLIFEspeaks focuses on education and prevention of illnesses. Public Health is changing the culture of Haiti when it comes to seeking help for medical issues by providing education on preventative health measures as well as easy access to healthcare.

myLIFEspeaks has a strategic focus in public health ensuring everyone regardless of ability, disability, wealth or status receives life-sustaining care. LIFE Clinic provides quality health care from Haitian doctors and nurses who live in the community.

Our Partners