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Neply Young Adults Empower Local Children

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

A few of the young adults in our village commUNITY put together a soccer tournament for kids in Neply, called Ti Kan (Little Soccer Goals). myLIFEspeaks had nothing to do with this other than providing the land for them to hold the tournament on. These young adults took it upon themselves to do something positive for the youth in the commUNITY.

It has been so great to see the commUNITY come together and celebrate the youth during an unsettling time in Haiti. It makes us so proud to see young Haitian leadership in Neply thriving!

The tournament started last Monday and there have been games each night. They even invited several surrounding villages to participate as well.

We are inspired and encouraged to see members of our commUNITY step up to serve others and bring people together in a positive way. God is moving in Haiti and He isn't finished.

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