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Tiliene’s Story: Blind Woman Finds Community, Belonging, and Christlike Friendship

Tililine is a woman from LaSalle, a neighboring village to Neply where myLIFEspeaks is based. Tililine is blind and lives alone with no family nearby to help her.

She was told about myLIFEspeaks’ Elderly Program by current participants and she started to attend. At the Elderly Program she found a renewed sense of worth, purpose, and belonging.

Her peers made us aware of her rent situation and myLIFEspeaks was able to assist in covering that for her. Some of the program participants even gave what little they had to pool together money to help their new friend in need.

Tililine finally felt like she was part of something again. She had a family; a community of friends who would be there for her when she needed it. 

She went from being all alone to now having friends and people in Neply who love her, pray with her, and remind her of her worth and value as a beloved child of God.

Her home village community has even taken notice. They’ve said that they see Jesus through myLIFEspeaks and in the way this community has cared for Tililine. This is a tangible way by which they see the Gospel at work today.

Tiliene pictured with other members of myLIFEspeaks' Elderly Program and Community Development Director, Adam Pierre.

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