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World Health Day: April 7th, 2022!

Public Health is something very important to us at myLIFEspeaks. Public Health consists of not just our medical clinic, but also our therapy clinic with physical and occupational therapy services, and healthy meals for people in our village.

Our Haitian health professionals are committed to providing affordable and quality diagnostics, medical treatments, pharmaceutical services, laboratory work, rehabilitation services, and education on how to get and stay healthy. All of this is done while sharing the Gospel with patients and praying over them.

This past year alone, we saw and treated over 5,000 patients between our medical clinic and therapy clinic. We also were able to provide 34,800 meals to students at LIFE Academy, 15,600 meals to people in our elderly program, and 27,300 meals to participants in our in-home feeding assistance program.

Thank you for helping us meet both the physical and spiritual needs of those we serve while sharing the hope and healing we have in the ultimate physician, Jesus Christ.

Would you consider partnering with myLIFEspeaks through a monthly donation that would help support Public Health Impact as well as our other programs? If so, click here. Thank you so much!

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