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What does a day at LIFE Academy look like?

Here's a little peek. 👀

Every LIFE Academy school day starts with prayer, worship, and the Haitian national anthem. Children file to their classrooms where they are greeted by loving, passionate teachers who implement a hands-on, Christ-Centered curriculum.

Problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity are integral to LIFE Academy learning. Every day at noon, the entire school stops to pray together. Teachers are encouraged to pray with and over students throughout the day as well. If a child is sick or causing problems in the classroom, the entire class prays over that student together.

Days at LIFE Academy are full of laughter, math, science, art, language, reading and plenty of dancing and educational songs. Most importantly, at the center is Jesus Christ and the Gospel. Our lessons ripple out from there to best equip students with the LIFE skills and knowledge they need to create a bright future. LIFE Academy is full of 110 smart, kind, compassionate, confident, inclusive, Jesus-loving, children and teachers. Our 32 teachers go above and beyond to empower and equip our students with the keys to success both in and outside classroom walls.

We have hope in Haiti’s future knowing it will be in the best of hands in these kiddos.

This #GivingTuesday, December 1st, 2020, all donations to myLIFEspeaks go directly to send children to school at LIFE Academy!

And every $1 you give will be DOUBLED thanks to a generous matching donor.

Our goal for #GivingTuesday is to raise $30,000 to cover the costs of the remaining 2020-2021 school year. This year has thrown quite the curveball at everyone. In terms of ministry, funding has been greatly limited.

We need you to help us stand in the gap this #GivingTuesday to make Christ-Centered education, and a brighter future, possible for Haiti's children!

It costs myLIFEspeaks $1,300 per student/year to attend LIFE Academy. With 110 current students and no Haitian government assistance, the costs add up quick. Haitian families pay $20 (gen ed) and $10 (special ed) per year per student.

We want to empower parents to invest in their child's Christ-Centered education but without it being a significant financial burden. That being said, most Haitians make between $2-3 a day so $10-20 is a significant amount for a typical Haitian home.

Thank you for giving the LIFE-long gift of education to these children!

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