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The Difference a Family Makes: Updates on Our Four New Children


We lovingly call him “Chunky Boy” now. Zion has come a long way in just a month. When he arrived he was 7 lbs and now he weighs over 10 lbs. He is growing everyday and loves spending time with his new mom and dad. He is still spending the night with one of our myLIFEspeaks staff due to construction at his soon-to-be new home. We felt with his extra nutritional needs, growing lungs and body, it was best to transition him a little slower. He will be transitioning fully into his forever home by the end of the month. Zion is exceeding all of our expectations at this time. He loves playing with his hands and feet, smiling, laughing, and getting to know his new brothers and sisters. He received a complete medical work up with an exam by our pediatrician Dr. Saika Blaise and had complete labs done. We are happy to report he is one happy and healthy little boy.

[ All four children had a complete medical workup (checkup and bloodwork) when they arrived at myLIFEspeaks. ]


This girl is all smiles! She is happy all the time, unless she is hungry. She has completely transitioned into LIFE with her new family and is loving it. She is a little bit spoiled from all the love she receives from her new family and friends but we think it is completely worth it. She loves to smile and this is her biggest form of communication. She is eating well and growing quickly. She will begin her new therapy routine at LIFE Therapy soon. She received a complete a full medical work up as well and everything looks great. During her transition to her forever family, while staying with the Wilson's, Ella found a love for Alabama Football. Missy even taught her “roll tide!"


She is our little “Bucking Bull." Zara has all the energy and we love it! Quickly after arrival to myLIFEspeaks we realized Zara has little to no vision. Due to this she is constantly wanting to move, spin around, kick her legs and move her arms. She LOVES music and hearing people talk or sing to her. She was the first to transition full time into the 6th family home with Marcelin and Donia. She is thriving with her new family. She isn’t much of a sleeper but is working on a routine to develop healthy sleeping patterns. When she had her medical work up, Dr. Saika heard a sign of a potential heart murmur. We are in the process of having this checked but based on the results of her lab work and exam don't feel it is an issue at this time. She did have scabies and is being treated for this with medication from LIFE Clinic.


Nora quickly transitioned into Family #5 (Rigal and Mirlande's House) and was instantly accepted and loved by everyone. Her brothers and sisters tend to wrestle for her attention. They love playing with her and always want to be around her. When her siblings return from school, the first thing they ask is “Where is Nora?”. Nora will begin a therapy routine at LIFE Therapy clinic soon. We are excited to see her gain strength and continue to grow into who God created her to be. She is eating and playing well and it's as if she has been a part of this family forever! She received a great report from her medical work up and we continue to work with her to determine a proper neurological diagnosis. However, we remain confident that her new family and their love will be the best medicine ever.

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