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Tania's Story: Is a child with special needs a burden or a blessing?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

This week at Bel Ewo (Beautiful Hero) parent support program, we saw the parents really open up and show great vulnerability and strength with fellow parents of special needs children, even beyond the usual conversations. At one point, the question was asked, “If being the parent of someone with disabilities is a burden or a blessing?”

When Bel Ewo first started, most parents would probably have said and believed it was a burden. However, today the parents say they see it as a burden and a blessing.

Tania, one of our Family Home parents, spoke up specifically sharing a story about her adopted daughter Sarah who has significant emotional and mental special needs. Trauma from Sarah's past before myLIFEspeaks rescued her and her special needs have led Sarah to act out, get physical, and put herself and others at risk in the past. Sarah has come a long way since then.

Tania recalled the time when she had a very bad foot infection to the point where we actually thought she may need amputation. Thankfully she didn’t but when she got back from the hospital, Sarah could tell something was wrong with her mom. When she saw Tania’s leg, Sarah started to cry and wouldn’t leave Tania’s feet the entire day. She sat at her mom’s feet with tears and refused to eat. She obviously felt her mother’s pain and helped Tania with whatever she needed done that day.

Tania shared with the group how much of a blessing Sarah was that day in particular and how she was blessed to see Sarah have true and appropriate emotion and care for the situation.

We continue to see God work through this incredible parent support program, Bel Ewo. This story is one of many testaments to how God is transforming minds and hearts, even for parents, surrounding children with special needs in Haiti. Praise God for this commUNITY of wonderful parents!

  Tania started working for myLIFEspeaks as a nanny and classroom aide for one of our children in the Special Education class. Tania was a natural at working with kids with special needs and we noticed quickly that she was an amazing mother to her biological children. Tania became a House Parent and began caring for four of the children in myLIFEspeaks care as her own. Her mother, Lolo, who the kids call Gran (Grandma), also helps Tania with the children. Tania's family is an incredible model of integration!
Pictured from Left to Right: Tania, Sarah, Olivier, Tygrid, Darbens, Atyms

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