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Meet Imaya Ruth! : myLIFEspeaks Starts 7th Family Home To Accommodate Newest Addition

Updated: Jan 30

Imaya with her new forever family.

Meet the newest addition to the myLIFEspeaks’ family! Imaya Ruth is two years old and came into myLIFEspeaks' forever care after she was abandoned at a Sanatorium in Haiti in August 2023.

Her biological mother brought her to the Sanatorium and checked in for services but then disappeared leaving Imaya all alone. Haitian Child Services (IBESR) was contacted and worked to track down the mother but had no luck. IBESR then reached out to us and asked us if we would see if we could place her in one of our forever Family Homes at myLIFEspeaks.

Upon evaluating Imaya, we determined she has Cerebral Palsy. Sadly, her special needs are likely a contributing factor to her mother abandoning her. We prayerfully decided that we would adopt Imaya and provide her with a forever family who would never leave or abandon her again.

In evaluating our current six six-family homes’ capabilities, our Director of Family Empowerment, Benjamin, felt it would be best to start a seventh family to place Imaya.

We had already been training more Haitian couples within our community to be potential foster parents with us in the future. One of these families was our Director of Community Development, Adam Pierre, and his wife, Jolène. The Pierre’s have been next on our waiting list, having already passed training, and they are thrilled to be welcoming Imaya into their family!

Imaya is starting physical therapy at LIFE Therapy Clinic and our Head Therapist, Bergedia, believes that with consistent therapy to work on muscle tone, Imaya will likely be able to eventually be weight-bearing and God-willing even walk someday!

As of January 2024, construction is complete on the Pierre's home to make it more suitable for Imaya! Our partners at the Tim Tebow Foundation were a huge help in making this possible and funding the necessary construction projects.

Once abandoned, Imaya is now chosen and loved by a forever family and an entire village community. This is a true picture of what Family Empowerment looks like at myLIFEspeaks.

We cannot wait to see what amazing things God has in store for sweet Imaya’s LIFE!

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