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Meet myLIFEspeaks' Family Empowerment Nurse!

Introducing myLIFEspeaks’ new Family Empowerment Nurse, Jennifer Cherestal!

Jennifer is the wife of our Family Empowerment Director, Benjamin, and is going to be serving as the liaison between our myLIFEspeaks’ families, LIFE Clinic, and the Family Empowerment leadership to be an extra hands-on advocate specifically dedicated to our higher-risk kiddos.

Jennifer will be working closely with each of the myLIFEspeaks families, visiting them 3x/week, checking on all the children and specifically our higher-risk kids with special needs. She will be managing their nutritional intake, care, and medicines; working closely alongside Dr. Peter Mesilien on individualized care for the children. 

Jennifer will be working with Dr. Peter Mesilien on nutritional alternatives for Merdine, Jordan, and Malachi so we don’t just have to depend as much on Pediasure, which is increasingly difficult to access in Haiti.

She will be doing weekly weight and height measurements on the children and recording all of this information for our files on each of them. 

Jennifer will also accompany the parents to LIFE Clinic for any appointments for the children and help regulate and maintain all medications that any of our children are receiving. Additionally, she will host trainings for myLIFEspeaks' Family Home parents as well as parents in Bèl Ewo and throughout the community on different health issues.

We’re so excited to have Jennifer join the myLIFEspeaks family in this new and greatly needed role! We know she will do a fantastic job advocating for and being an additional support to the children in our care and a huge help for their parents.

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