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Staff Spotlight: Benjamin Saint Jean

Benjamin Saint Jean is our Director of Family Empowerment and myLIFEspeaks’ social worker.

He puts a passion and love into his job that is straight from his soul. Growing up with a younger brother with special needs, Benjamin understands on a personal level how much joy, purpose, and LIFE people with special needs bring to our daily lives.

Benjamin and his brother are best friends and this relationship is a huge reason why Benjamin pursued a career in social work in Haiti. He wanted to “speak up” for other children like his brother.

Benjamin does an incredible job leading our families and providing monthly training for our parents and nannies on how to be the best parents possible.

Benjamin’s brother attended Night to Shine at myLIFEspeaks this year and seeing the brothers interact was heart melting. Benjamin said his brother wore his NTS crown for a week straight after because he was so happy and proud to be the king and Child of God he is.

It is obvious that Benjamin puts the same kind of love he has for his brother into his everyday work at myLIFEspeaks.

We are so grateful for his calling to social work and his heart for people with special needs. We know that God is going to continue to use Benjamin’s LIFE to speak to others throughout Haiti about the importance of every LIFE and Family Empowerment.

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