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Obassen's Story: A birthday that means much more

Today is Obassen’s 13th Birthday!

Obassen was one of our first students with special needs back in 2012. Today, Obassen is an integral part of the myLIFEspeaks family. He is loved and cherished by his family, friends, teachers, peers, and entire village commUNITY. His mom is even one of our most loyal participants at our Bel Ewo (Beautiful Hero) parent support group programming.

But it wasn’t always this way. When myLIFEspeaks first came to Neply, Obassen and children with special needs like him were very misunderstood and looked down upon.

In Haiti, it is common for children with special needs to be sacrificed in voodoo ceremonies or treated horribly under the false belief that they are “cursed” or “possessed”. As a result, children with special needs in Haiti generally don’t have high life expectancies due to the challenges and threats they face.

Obassen’s LIFE has played a major role in transforming the way people in Neply view children with special needs. Today in Neply, Obassen is loved and celebrated for who he is. His commUNITY has seen him grow up into a remarkable, smart, and capable young man.

His LIFE and witness has opened the eyes of many people who now see his LIFE as valuable and cherished. Obassen has not only defied the odds stacked against people with special needs in Haiti of reaching their teens but he has transformed countless other lives and mindsets along the way.

Today we celebrate you extra Obassen! We are blessed by your LIFE and light!

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