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myLIFEspeaks 9th Anniversary

On January 12th, 2012, myLIFEspeaks officially launched in Neply, Haiti. Since that day we have seen thousands of lives transformed through encountering God’s Love and experiencing the Gospel in action.

Nine years ago, Mike and Missy Wilson answered the call on their hearts to speak up for those who couldn’t speak for themselves; namely those with special needs in Haiti (Proverbs 31:8). In 2014, they permanently moved their family with three boys, one with significant special needs, and two daughters from Franklin, TN to Neply, Haiti to lead by example of how to love those who are “different”, knowing we are all created in God’s Image.

myLIFEspeaks launched with the goal of helping children with special needs who were cast out from their families because of the influence of the Voudoo culture. It quickly became clear that helping children with special needs also meant empowering their parents and relatives, developing the commUNITY around them, educating their peers, providing LIFE-saving health and medial care, and ultimately transforming and uplifting an entire commUNITY through Christ.

myLIFEspeaks’ vision from early on has been to develop a Christ-Centered culture in Haiti one LIFE at a time through Family Empowerment, Educational Excellence, and Public Health Impact.

Through meeting both physical and spiritual needs of an entire village, the floodgates have been opened for the Gospel to be shared and the greater understanding of God’s Love to take root in hearts across Haiti.

How are we doing this?

• By providing loving, forever family-based care for 25 (and counting) previously orphaned or abandoned children, many with special needs.

• By creating Haitian jobs so parents can provide for their families and children; creating sustainable impact and opportunity through a “hand-up” not a “hand-out”.

• Through integrated, Christ-Centered education for both typically developing and special needs students at LIFE Academy

• Through providing quality, LIFE-enhancing, and affordable healthcare for those who otherwise wouldn’t have access.

• By walking alongside parents and empowering families to stay together, in a country and culture that often tries to tear them apart. We help stand in the gap by providing meals and meeting basic needs so parents, out of desperation, don’t relinquish their children to orphanages or as child slaves.

• By creating Biblically-based parent support groups, educational and social programming, and health resources for the vulnerable who otherwise would fall through the cracks.

Almost a decade later, we see daily our vision of a Christ-Centered culture in Haiti as becoming reality. God’s Love has transformed hearts and the entire village of Neply and now is rippling out in every direction to other surrounding villages.

And this is just the beginning. We know that God wants to reach every heart and soul across Haiti with His Love and the Hope of Jesus Christ. He is faithful and we are willing. To Him be all the Glory forever and ever. 9 years down, forever to go.

Thank you for being part of the myLIFEspeaks family. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

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