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Miss. Shiverica Celicourt: Haiti's Runner-Up Teacher of the Year

On May 17, 2022, we had the honor of representing myLIFEspeaks and LIFE Academy at the prestigious National Teacher of the Year ceremony held at the P4H Issac Albert Training Center in Cap Haitian, Haiti.

Not only were we there as representatives but we were also there to support and cheer on one of our very own LIFE Academy teachers who was named a "Top 10 Finalist" for Teacher of the Year.

Miss. Shiverica Celicourt made it to the top 10 list out of over 2,000 nominations of excellent teachers from across the nation! An expert panel of judges from MIT, the University of Quisqueya (InnovEd), Haiti’s Ministry of Education, the International University of Hispaniola, the University of Florida, and P4H Global identified 10 outstanding finalists. The applicants had to go through a series of interviews, send in videos, answer questions, and a slew of other inquiries the panel of judges were asking for. These judges come from the top of the top education sectors across the country of Haiti and saw the immaculate gift that Shiverica is to not only LIFE Academy but also the country of Haiti.

“I am one of the teachers who believe that teaching should be done with love and patience, without violence, without discrimination. I believe that education is a great weapon that can change the situation of my country…", Shiverica said.

Although she did not walk away with the crown, she did walk away as runner-up! What a huge accomplishment!

What an honor it is to say we have some of the best teachers in the country at our school. We know that Shiverica is not the only top-tier teacher we have in the classrooms at LIFE Academy and we are thrilled that Shiverica helps set the standard of what educators and education should be across the board. We are so proud to be a part of her journey that God has called her to. We are elated to have such a powerhouse of an educator in the LIFE Academy family transforming her students who will transform Neply and beyond.

Shiverica has been with LIFE Academy for four years and has taught both 3rd and 4th grade while here. She comes with 10 years of prior teaching experience.

“We remain convinced that the current changes in society depend on the way we teach in our classrooms. Therefore, we do not believe that the role of a teacher is only to share scientific knowledge. The greatest teachers, in our opinion, are not those who always talk about change, but those who offer their lives as an example and who inspire change. It is on this basis that we continue to work with passion, with love, and with our students as the future actors and promoters of change for the world," Shiverica said.

The LIFE Academy administration nominated Shiverica because she works with all her heart and she is 100% committed in whatever she is doing. She unconditionally loves all of her students and sees a transformed tomorrow in every child's eyes. Anybody that gets to know her or be around her knows that God is within her. She uses the foundation of His truth and love to lead and influence her students and colleagues.

“Her passion, love, and engagement with her calling are what make her such an incredible teacher at LIFE Academy but also in the country of Haiti,” Jean Yves, Director of LIFE Academy said.

There were over 250 people in attendance at the ceremony, including representatives from the Ministry of Education, as well as the honorable Dr. Michel DeGraff; a real hero in Haitian education. There were television news anchors, radio stations, social media platform representatives, as well as Miss Universe Haiti all in attendance as well.

This grandiose ceremony is hosted by P4H Global - an organization that is hands-down on the front lines of the education revolution that is taking place in Haiti. P4H‘s mission is to train teachers to transform Haiti. P4H believes that quality education is fundamental to the development and advancement of every society. They are committed to investing in the capacity of educators because "education ends poverty."


Here is Shiverica's translated post she shared on Facebook after the ceremony:

"Today, May 17, 2022, remains one of the most beautiful days of my life. In order to honor teachers in Haiti, #P4H organized a PWONA contest (national teacher) to honor ten teachers from each department in the country. I was part of the ten finalists representing the western county.

I would like to thank every single person that has been there for me from the beginning to the end of this contest. Every member of #mylifespeaks, from Admin: Mrs. Antoine Judith, Andrea Price, Mrs. Jean-yves Guervil, teachers, especially Joanna Tagnan, my colleagues, to my students. Thanks to my friend Gerald Jesunor who really helped me. It was such a wonderful experience for me. Finalists #pwona2022 . Happy teacher's day to all the teachers around the country, #weareheroes."

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