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Love Through A Photo

myLIFEspeaks Elderly Program (Bingo 46:4) might not be able to meet in person right now due to social distancing but program coordinators Eli & Mondy are making sure the elderly still feel loved and cared for during this time.

Everyday these boys visit the homes of different elderly people in our commUNITY to check in on them, make sure they have everything they need and are healthy, and lastly to take their picture.

“Huh? Why are they taking their picture?,” you might be asking.

Well in Haiti getting your picture taken brings a sense of pride and value. Not a lot of elderly people have photos of themselves. So, Eli and Mondy thought that while they check in on everyone they would also take their picture and print it out for them as a simple gesture of love.

Eli said they were overjoyed to have their own self portrait.

“It’s something that they can show off to their friends and be proud of. One lady in our program when we gave her photo back to her, she had this huge smile and almost started to cry and said to me and Mondy, “now when I die people have a photo of me to remember me by,” Eli said.

A simple act of kindness from two teenage boys for the elderly whom they hold close to their hearts. Way to go guys!

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