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LIFE Clinic has our own lab!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

November and December were monumental at myLIFEspeaks for LIFE Clinic. After enduring the difficulties of COVID, LIFE Clinic reopened its doors full-time in August. As the patient load climbed back to where it was pre-COVID, another miraculous undertaking occurred.

On November 16, 2020, LIFE Clinic opened a Haitian-staffed diagnostic lab thanks to our ministry partners at the Tim Tebow Foundation.

This is something we have been praying for and working on for several years. Seeing it come to fruition is such a blessing. Through our partnership with TTF, we continue to see lives being changed for the Kingdom.

LIFE Lab is a huge accomplishment and benefit for our rural, southern region of Haiti. A local lab allows for quicker results leading to quicker diagnoses. Previously we had to refer patients elsewhere, often far away in the city, to get lab work done. Transportation, timeliness, and reliability of results became recurring issues.

Now that we have our own lab, we are able to more efficiently and accurately care for patients' needs. LIFE lab allows more opportunities for patients to find the root of their illness and begin proper treatment sooner. People from remote areas now have access to quality lab services nearby with LIFE Clinic being just 2 miles off a major road.

Our lab currently averages around 30 patients a day for various lab tests; the most common being blood and urine tests which serve as typical baseline protocol.

LIFE Lab also offers more advanced testing for mosquito-borne illnesses like malaria. Eventually LIFE Lab hopes to offer other public health testing, specifically HIV and syphilis, supplied for free by the Haitian Health Department.

LIFE Lab is headed by Dr. Argenor and run daily by two lab technicians who live in Neply, Elmage Dat and Carme Suze Pierre. Dr Argenor continues to provide advanced training sessions with the technicians to ensure quality and excellence as our lab continues to grow.

However, LIFE Clinic Lab is so much more than just a lab. It is another vehicle by which the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be shared through myLIFEspeaks.

This lab means more one-on-one Christ-Centered conversations with LIFE clinic staff who pray over every patient during appointments. Every interaction is an opportunity to share the Gospel and the hope we have in the ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ.

These conversations will build relationships of trust, kindness and love. This lab will continue to open doors to share the Good News of Jesus to individuals who are searching for answers both near and far. LIFE lab is yet another channel by which myLIFEspeaks' mission is being lived out: " to develop a Christ-Centered culture in Haiti, one LIFE at a time."

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