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International Day of Persons With Disabilities

December 3rd was International Day of Persons With Disabilities! 🧡♿️🧏🏾🤟🏾

Both LIFE Academy and LIFE Therapy Clinic at myLIFEspeaks held events to celebrate this day with community members.

LIFE Academy's celebration included sign language and song. They discussed the importance of persons with disabilities being integrated into communities and how important it is to share things like sign language within the community to help people be able to communicate more. The video below is of them teaching, signing, and singing a song together with everyone who participated.

LIFE Therapy invited people who attend therapy and their families to hear testimonies of how God is moving in their lives even though they or someone they know might be experiencing a disability. Attendees were reminded that we are all made in God’s image regardless of ability or disability.

Presenters also shared how through the programs and resources that myLIFEspeaks offers, they can live LIFE to the fullest and be a part of the community.

It’s incredible to see the entire community rally around people with special needs. 12 years ago, before myLIFEspeaks was in Neply, this was not the case. People were afraid of those with special needs. People with disabilities were often ostracized from society and even their own families.

Thankfully, today the opposite is true. All glory to God who transforms hearts and minds! 🙏

It is such a beautiful thing to see our village community celebrating and honoring the very people who a decade ago would have been looked down upon.

We recognize how rare and special this is in Haiti and pray that Neply can be the spark to inspire other communities around the country to also value people with disabilities as the children of God they are!

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