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How has it been a whole year?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

One whole year without the brightest smile and light in such a tiny boy, our angel Frantzky. This day marks a painful beyond words one for us left behind; who had the honor of loving and being loved by Frantzky.

But this day is also one of joy knowing on this day, Frantzky died of the world but was born into eternal paradise.

Today is the day Frantzky ran into Jesus’ Arms - finally home and free of every worldly suffering, sickness or setback. We can have hope in the heartbreak because we know where Frantzky is today.

Because of Christ, we can have joy even amidst gut-wrenching pain.

While never being able to speak a word or take a single step, Frantzky changed countless lives with a smile.

Think about that. His LIFE spoke volumes without ever speaking.

And his legacy will continue to do so.

This 8 year old, 20 pound boy with special needs was discarded and left to die as an infant because he was considered to be cursed or possessed due to his “differences.”

But this same little boy would leave this world as a king.

At birth, no one in Haiti wanted anything to do with him. Not even his own mother.

At death, the entire village of Neply filled the streets to process his casket in final honor, love and respect.

In the crazy way only God can transform hearts, Frantzky’s birth mother came and even offered their family tomb to bury him in.

God never gives up on us and He cares for each of us this same way; taking us from our brokenness, rejection, and pain of this world into His Glory and sharing in Kingship.

Rejected, discarded, and let down by the world; God sees us and individually calls us His Heirs.

Frantzky finally was able to look down on and witness, hand in hand with Christ, what his LIFE meant to so many. His worth was finally realized.

Below is a photo one of our dear friend and board member, Brent Rutland, took during Frantzky’s funeral procession.

“I never take photos for memories. I always feel that I should put down my phone and be in the moment, but this time I felt I needed to capture it. It was so surreal to me: the death, the band, his casket being held high in the air as the village followed behind him. It was such a stark difference from how he entered this world. But a great visual in how God welcomed him into eternity.”

A LIFE that was discarded as “worthless”, “a burden”, and “disposable” from birth is the same one that left a forever, profound impact in 8 short years that most people never achieve in a lifetime.

I don’t think it’s ironic that our own Lord and Savior throughout His LIFE was also deemed “poor”, “inconvenient”, “unorthodox”, “a burden”, “a fraud” and “a criminal”. We all know how that one ends in ageless victory.

Frantzky is proof we should never be ashamed of our “littleness”. It is often through such humble people that God does His Greatest Work.

People didn’t see Jesus as who he said he was. For the first 3 years of Frantzky’s life, before myLIFEspeaks took him in, people didn’t see Frantzky as who God says he is :



Set apart.



Valued beyond belief.

Frantzky is our constant reminder, that every LIFE, however big or small, matters and speaks for something.

What is yours saying?

We miss you everyday Frantzky. Until we live in eternity with you someday, we continue your lasting legacy here.

Written by: Sydney Miller

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