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Children Abandoned At Hospital Find Forever Families

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Zion, one of the four children myLIFEspeaks rescued, when we found him.

In July 2020, myLIFEspeaks was contacted by Haitian Social Services (IBESR) asking if we could take in more abandoned children. This particular time was regarding two little girls with special needs and a little boy who were abandoned at a Port-Au-Prince hospital. However, they told us they were mainly concerned about the little girls’ placement as they didn’t think the little boy would survive.

Sadly, we get these kinds of calls from Haitian Social Services often. Abandoned children at Haitian hospitals, especially those with special needs, are a common occurrence. Mike Wilson, Co-Founder, and CEO of myLIFEspeaks, explains it in a very blunt way, "Like counties in the United States have an animal shelter, every hospital in Haiti has an abandoned children's unit."