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NO MORE: Urgent Haiti Update

Updated: May 2, 2023

As a ministry, we try to keep you as informed as necessary without overwhelming you with the increasingly volatile and LIFE-threatening situations Haitians are facing daily. As a whole, we try to focus more on ALL the good that is happening and all that God continues to do in Haiti through ministry, but today Haiti is at a critical breaking point.

We're joining forces with our friends at the organization Mission of Hope in wanting to have a raw conversation about what’s been taking place in Haiti. In short, it’s devastating and dark. Our Haitian brothers and sisters have been relentless in their hope and resolve during these trying times, however, even our Haitian friends are now feeling hopeless. The silence is deafening. We can, and we must, do something.

  • A democratically elected president assassinated—murdered. Silence.

  • Villages - thousands of people shot at, kidnapped, and forced to abandon the only place they have known as home. Silence.

  • Women raped. Silence.

  • Hunger pangs, starvation, and children dying. Silence.

  • Young men - forgotten and forsaken by past generations - have been given guns, not education. Silence.

  • Businesses, NGOs, and churches forced to close. Silence.

  • Families fleeing to neighboring countries—not because they want to—but because they have lost HOPE. Silence.

  • Husbands - forced to watch while wives are beheaded and then executed by their captors. Silence.

The first country in the world to free itself from slavery is now enslaved once again to the silence from the outside world as gangs mercilessly take over entire villages.


We must give a voice to the eleven million people living in Haiti who feel like their voice is not heard—seven million who do not know where their next meal will come from.

We must speak up for the hundreds of thousands of children being blocked from going to school each day.

We must say, “no more” to women being raped, villages being burned, and children being murdered.

Haiti needs our prayers, our help, and our voices to stop the silence.

There is a path forward! A path for Haiti to be freed! To once again be the Pearl of the Antilles!

Today we must raise our voices and say, “No more! We must act on behalf of the people of Haiti.”

It’s up to the governments, NGOs, businesses, churches, you, and I to raise our voices and act for the people of Haiti.


Together, our voices will be used to speak up for our neighbors and friends in Haiti.

Thank you,


Example Email Template for Easy Copy/Paste

Dear (fill in the name of your representative),

As one of your constituents, I believe that God appoints leaders to govern nations, and I respect the stewardship of your office. Your words carry immense weight as one with significant influence in the U.S. government. Hence, I appeal to you today, speaking for those without a voice, to consider extending aid to the people of Haiti who are suffering from merciless acts of violence.

Since the assassination of President Moise on July 7, 2021, Haiti has plunged into a state of disarray with no stable government in place. The absence of publicly elected officials has left the country vulnerable and effectively operating as a failed state. The resultant surge in gang activity has been marked by horrific violence, including kidnappings, rapes, looting, and murders. This situation has forced many families to flee their homes.

The people of Haiti do not deserve to live like this. No one does. I believe that military intervention in Haiti would establish a sense of calmness that would allow the nation to stabilize and progress toward rebuilding. I am not requesting the United States solve the crisis, but rather, to lend a hand in creating a peaceful environment.

As human beings, we are all created in the image of God, and it's our moral obligation to stand up for those who have been silenced. I implore you to take action and be a voice for the voiceless, to provide the Haitian people with the hope they desperately need.

Thank you.

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