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What Is My Life Reflecting?

Written by: Missy Wilson, Co-Founder of myLIFEspeaks

Listen to the audio version of this story, here.

“My reflection should always be that of Christ.”

There is a river that runs along the main road here in Neply. It is lined with trees on one side and a grassy, plant-filled bank on the other. I walk down this road, by the river, often. There are days when the river is flowing briskly, yet quietly. There are days, after the rain, when the river banks collect much more water and spillover.

There are days when the river’s flow is affected by the collection of trash and muck. Regardless of which day it might be, there is something I have always noticed about this river...the reflection!

Whether it is the sunniest day or an overcast day, you can ALWAYS see your reflection in the river. You see the reflection of the trees, you see the reflection of the sky, you see the reflection of YOU. Sometimes it is easier to see on sunny days. The sun pierces through the sky, allowing the light to bounce vibrantly off of the water. The cloudy days are more difficult because the light is not as bright, and isn't as bold as those sunny days, but the reflection is still there.

On this particular day, as I walked past the river, I thought about my own reflection.

I thought about the example of this river in my own LIFE and what God might be using it to teach me. Things I might not understand about LIFE today, things that one day I will understand as long as my gaze and focus stay on Him.

I began asking myself a few questions…

1. What do I see in myself today, what am I reflecting?

2. Am I reflecting a LIFE that is flowing along briskly, yet quietly, not really knowing who I am?

3. Am I so full of Christ today that I am allowing it to flow out of me where others can see Him through me?

4. Am I full of the trash and muck of this world that I am affecting the lives of others around me?

My reflection should always be that of Christ. No matter what might come my way, sunny days or cloudy ones, calm or storm; I should be a reflection of Christ at all times because it is Christ who is in me! Ask yourself today the questions above. How are you allowing your reflection today to shine the light of Christ? Pray and ask Him to show you His reflection today!

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