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Update on Ketline: recovering from motorcycle leg injury with help from wound VAC machine

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

We wanted to share an update on Ketline, the woman in our village who was involved in a motorcycle accident in March that left her leg completely open above the ankle.

We were worried it would need to be amputated but thanks to urgent medical care we don't think this will be necessary. Ketline continues to recover especially thanks to a generous gift of a wound VAC from Dr. Paulo Pinho in the States which was donated to myLIFEspeaks public health program.

Public Health Liaison, Rhonda, made a quick overnight trip to Florida to pick up the device. The wound VAC will not only benefit Ketline but will also be available for future patients. There are only a few wound VACS in Haiti, and even fewer that actually have supplies or that work.

Ketline’s leg injury is now receiving specialized wound care through this device which helps promote healing. We are praying that through the use of the VAC we can help her wound stay infection-free and heal without requiring more aggressive surgeries.

Ketline continues to be positive & smile throughout this ordeal. She says "there is no reason to be down because that doesn’t help anything!" Please continue to pray for her recovery. Thank you for helping make this success story possible!

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