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Testimony of Erilia Lahens

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Erilia has been coming to LIFE Therapy for four months for general strengthening and pain relief from a motorcycle accident in which she broke her leg. She had trouble walking because the fracture was never properly set after the accident and as a result had to rely on crutches.

With therapy she has gotten much stronger and now walks without assistance most days: occasionally using a cane as needed. Erilia is one of the most cheerful people! She is always smiling and happy to be at therapy and you can see the joy radiate out of her even on painful days. The following is her powerful story of how she came to know Jesus Christ.

“I am Erilia Lahens and am 76 years old. I am from Tom Gato a communal section of Leogane on the road to Jacmel but now I live in Neply.

I am the mother of four daughters and one boy and the grandmother of 30 grandchildren including 15 girls and 15 boys. My husband Lahens died 10 years ago. I had to fight on my own after his death to raise my children.

I was not a believer in Christ, however, I met the wonderful Savior after one of my daughters became severely ill. After many attempts at healing among the voodoo priests nothing worked and everyone told me that she was going to die.

One evening as I was laying down on the bed next to her, I was carried away by sleep. A character dressed in white appeared to me and called me twice, “Erilia, Erilia, I am the only one who can heal your daughter if you repent of your sins and follow me with all your heart because I will show you wonders to accomplish in your life”. I answered him, “Who are you?” and he answered me “the One in whom you must confide to save your soul and daughter.”

He told me tomorrow morning to get up and go to Pastor Antoine Charles and he will tell you what you have to do. The next day I went to the pastor and after telling him the dream. He explained to me why we must serve this great God and I was convinced and I told him that I wanted to meet and serve this Savior.

Pastor laid his hands on me and after two prayer visits at home my sick daughter recovered quickly without taking any medicine. I believe in this healing God because He made me so happy. To receive training in how to become a good Christian is to go through suffering because the pastor said if we are not tested, we will never know if we are a child of God because the Bible says that God chastises the child He loves and those He recognizes for His sons.

Later I was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the uterus and it advanced quickly before I knew it was there. The doctor gave me six months to live but thanks to this wonderful God I am still alive after five years and I have not the least bit of cancer in my body.

A year ago, I was hit by a motorcycle that broke my leg, I thought I was not going to be able to hold on and would die but now I am still in great condition and serving the Lord because He can do anything even beyond the imaginable. Have faith in God. Amen.”

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