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Prayers for Peace : more politically-motivated, violent protests in Haiti's streets

Haiti is facing a rise in politically-motivated protests, manifestations, and violent demonstrations causing much of the country to be shut down and inability to use main roads. The disagreement at the core is regarding the end of Haiti’s president Jovenel Moise’s term.

The opposition is turning to violent mobilization in the streets ahead of February 7th; the day they say President Moise’s term is up. President Moise argues his five-year-term ends in 2022 and has no intentions of backing down to intimidation.

Amidst 20% inflation, surging gang-violence and increased kidnapping-for-ransom, an already struggling country faces yet more instability and destruction.

Photo taken by Missy Wilson of similar violent protests in 2020

This cycle of violence and destructive anger is all too common in recent years. Many Haitians want peace and what is best for others but the large majority are thinking only about themselves; even if it means tearing others down, burning businesses and cars, setting tires on fire in the streets, and causing harm to others.

The violence and chaos is a combination of power, control, instability, and greed all coming to a head. Unfortunately this cycle of darkness will continue until it is driven out by light. Please pray for peace, perseverance, and God’s Provision and Protection over Haitian people during these uncertain times. We, in Neply, are safe but these acts affect the entire country and interrupt daily lives and ability to meet basic needs.

Ultimately, Haiti needs a change of heart, repentance, and re-orientation towards Christ. Until the hearts and minds of the people change, evil will continue to wreak havoc on innocent lives and further spiral the country.

Please be keeping this country and her people, whom we love, in your thoughts and prayers. Pray for an end to this senseless violence and for transformation of hearts for Christ on all sides of the issues. Thank you!

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