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Please Pray for "S"

Please pray for one of the boys in our Redemption 72:14 who is very sick. Out of privacy, we will call him “S”.

“S” is 15 years old and lives in Neply. Yesterday, his mom came to us for help because "S" was very sick, getting worse, and turning yellowish and weak.

We were able to get "S" and his mother to the hospital, however early this morning this hospital said “S” had to leave because “there is nothing they can do."

Our Public Health Liaison, Rhonda, and resident medical student, Peter, didn’t give up. Our staff was able to get ahold of HERO, a non-profit ambulance service in Haiti, who agreed to help transfer "S" to a hospital in Port Au Prince.

But we had to meet HERO at a closer location, which meant driving through one of the most dangerous parts of Haiti to get there. We quickly turned one of our myLIFEspeaks vehicles into a “makeshift ambulance” with IVs and vital monitors and we were off.

The entire time our staff and mLs family is praying for S and everyone’s safety, staying informed via our myLIFEspeaks staff prayer group chat.

Following is one of these real-time messages, with a video, from Mike Wilson:

“I wanted to share this to show everyone what our unbelievable team does when push comes to shove. We have an incredibly sick 15 year old young man in unexpected kidney failure. He needs help immediately. The hospital where he was made him leave because they didn’t have the ability to treat him. This is a video of Missy, Claudy, Rhonda, Peter (almost Dr Peter), the young man and his mother going through Martissant, one of the most dangerous areas in Haiti at this time. The streets have been blocked off as you can see but our myLIFEspeaks family REFUSES to stop. I know things are difficult all over but don’t lose sight of how important it is for us to be true to our call and the Gospel. Thank each of you for being a part of this specific journey.”

Shortly after this, we made it to the ambulance safe and HERO was able to transport "S" to the hospital from there. HERO got “S” safely to the hospital and “S” is currently getting labs and testing done. Doctors are working on getting him medicine and potentially blood need be.

We are hopeful and we are so thankful to God that “S” got to the hospital safely, but he still NEEDS your prayers! We will keep you updated but please pray for complete and full healing for “S” and for peace for both him and his mother who are very scared.

Thank you mLs family!! Your prayers are powerful. God has this.

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