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Night To Shine Haiti 2022

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity, blessed by the Tim Tebow Foundation, to host Night To Shine Haiti 2022 to make up for February’s that was unable to happen due to the violence, insecurity, and dangers at that time. Haiti is still in a very bad place and far from safe but our area, by God’s grace, is in a little bit better place.

We are so grateful to our Haitian leadership who made this event possible from setting up all the decorations, organizing everything, ensuring safety for our local guests during the event, to everything in between that made this celebration one of, if not the best, Night to Shine yet.

This video that our friend Sam, from LSW Photography, did for us on-ground perfectly encapsulates the beauty, joy, and redemptive qualities that Night to Shine Haiti 2022 had. We are overjoyed that we were able to celebrate our Kings and Queens with special needs and it was entirely led by our Haitian staff and the community of Neply.

This is a testament and proud moment for us at myLIFEspeaks as we tangibly see how God has completely changed this community over the last 10 years from being scared of people with special needs, because of VouDou culture, to literally and figuratively rallying around and celebrating them for exactly who God made them to be and seeing their inherent dignity and value as a beloved Child of God. Praise God!

This is evidence of God’s faithfulness, goodness, redemptive, and transformational power!! All praise to Him, thank you, Jesus!

Marcelin, myLIFEspeaks' Assistant Director of Security and father of one of our Family Homes, and his daughter, Zara, who was attending Night To Shine.

This is such a highlight in a time in Haiti that has been filled with so much darkness and sadness. Thank you, TTF for giving us the opportunity to be able to host Night to Shine 2022 albeit several months later when things in our area were a bit safer. THANK YOU!

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