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Samuel's Story: LIFE Academy is an "answer to prayer"

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Samuel is 6 years old and this is his first year at LIFE Academy and his first year ever attending school!

In this video, he is waiting for his taxi to arrive to take him to school at LIFE Academy! His mom says he is always this excited to go to school each day.

He is one of the 40 children in our special education classes who directly benefit from your support and participation in the #JayWalk50k!

His family moved to the Leogane area, where Neply is, from Port Au Prince fleeing the danger and violence in the capital. Samuel’s mother found a place to put Samuel in therapy but after a while, the transportation became too expensive.

Eventually, she heard about LIFE Clinic and how they serve all people, including those with special needs, so she immediately brought Samuel into our clinic!

After their appointment, they were waiting outside on a taxi and a man named David, myLIFEspeaks’ Head of Security, approached her and started speaking of some of the programs myLIFEspeaks offers.

Here is what Samuel’s mom had to say about the encounter and the impact LIFE Academy has since had on her son’s life.

“When he (David) spoke about a school for kids who had specific needs like my son, I immediately went to find out more information and get Samuel on the waiting list! Upon my arrival, I also learned that there was physical therapy available for my son!

God answered a big prayer and Samuel was able to start school at LIFE Academy the following year and he has learned so much!

If he could talk he would say that he loves school too! Every morning when he wakes up at 5 a.m., he is so ready for school. He has also created a relationship with the taxi driver that picks him up every morning and he is just always so happy to go to school! I can not say thank you enough for the way God has provided this route for my son and our family!”

When you support #JayWalk50K, you are helping make stories like this one possible for families like Samuel’s.

Learn more about Jay and register for the #JayWalk50K benefitting special education at LIFE Academy in Haiti, here.

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