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Meet Saika!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

You have likely seen videos of Saika learning to walk on our social media before but we wanted to share a little bit about her. Saika is 7 years old and came into our care five years ago after she was abandoned at a nearby American mission close to myLIFEspeaks in Neply. Saika is blind and her mother was struggling to meet her special needs when she ultimately abandoned her.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in Haiti when parents have a child with special needs. The stigma surrounding people with special needs in Haiti is that they are “cursed” or “possessed by evil spirits.” Many of the children brought into myLIFEspeaks care from Haitian Child Services were abandoned by their birth parents at hospitals or other nearby missions and left to fend for themselves. Or worse, to die.

Saika was welcomed with open arms into the myLIFEspeaks family and soon one of our House Families, parents Markenson and Gertha, fell in love with Saika and wanted her to be a permanent part of their family. Saika is extremely bright and excels in school at LIFE Academy in our special needs braille class. She recently learned to walk completely on her own after years of occupational therapy work at LIFE Therapy on how to safely navigate her environment without sight.

Saika has four siblings (adopted and biological) and two parents, Markenson and Gertha (pronounced Jed-uh) who adore her! She loves to sing and dance and is a little ray of sunshine to all who know and love her! We love you Saika!


Thank you for supporting myLIFEspeaks and helping make forever families possible for previously orphaned or abandoned children, like Saika, while also providing resources to keep and empower families in Haiti to stay together!

Help myLIFEspeaks continue to transform and enhance lives like Saika's by joining our monthly giving program, The Table, and keep ministry moving forward in Haiti!

The Table is a commUNITY of myLIFEspeaks most generous supporters who are committed to bringing family, education, public health and all LIFE has to offer by giving each month.

Members of #TheTable are the backbone of myLIFEspeaks' work on-ground. Because of your commitment we are able to continue meeting physical and spiritual needs of those we serve. Thank you!

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