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Christla Then vs Now: myLIFEspeaks Success Story

Christla when she was born vs Christla today

Today, Christla is a healthy, thriving 2 1/2-year-old. She loves playing with her siblings, running, and eating mangos.

However, this precious little girl had a rocky start to LIFE. Her mother had tried to terminate her pregnancy several times out of desperation. It wasn’t that Christla’s mom didn’t want her; she was desperate, already struggling to care for her other three children.

Christla was born on January 21st, 2021 after surviving four failed abortion attempts. Miraculously, she was completely healthy with no complications.

Christla's one-room family home.

The family had recently relocated to the village and had no family nearby. And because we had no idea she was there, she didn’t know about myLIFEspeaks’ programming either for at-risk, vulnerable families and pregnant mothers.

When three myLIFEspeaks employees heard screaming from a small concrete home one night, they realized a woman was giving birth. They immediately sprung into action to help this single mother deliver her baby.

The next day they made us aware of the situation and we were able to get involved and help come alongside Christla’s mom to provide food, support, and whatever else she needed to raise this baby and her other children.

Christla’s mom was empowered, had a change of heart, and has embraced God’s Call to raise baby Christla along with her older three children. She even named her baby as a constant reminder of God’s Faithfulness and this miracle. Christla, translates to “Christ here” in Creole.

Today, Christla’s mom sees her baby not as a burden or a curse, but as a Child of God born for a purpose.

Christla’s family is part of our In-Home Feeding Assistance Program where they receive beans, rice, and cooking oil monthly to ensure they have food to eat. Mom has also started attending Bèl Ewo, our Biblically-based programming for parents. The community has wrapped around this family to support them and help Mom raise her young children.

The family recently relocated to a new house in Croix-Des-Péres which is a small area next to Neply. Christla and her four siblings live there together with their mom and are doing very well!

Christla pictured with two of her siblings and mom in their new home.

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