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Meet Cammie!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Cammie came to myLIFEspeaks from Fond Parisien in Central Haiti. Cammie has severe Cerebral Palsy and cannot walk or talk. She had been living at an American mission that took her in after they found her living on the front porch of her family’s home severely neglected.

She was naked and lying in her own waste and had sores on her body from her movements against the concrete. She was in such a state of neglect, they simply took her from her home and began caring for her. Fortunately, they had staff experienced in working with Cerebral Palsy. Realizing how bright Cammie was, they began teaching her in both Creole and English.

The Americans cared for her for almost three years but they would not be in Haiti permanently and Cammie was the only child living with them. They wanted her to be a part of a forever family.

When searching for “Family-Based Orphan Care for Special Needs in Haiti” – they found myLIFEspeaks and it was a perfect match! They were thrilled to know that Cammie would be able to continue to grow and thrive as part of a Haitian family and her special needs would be met with proper health care and education at myLIFEspeaks.

Since Cammie came to live at myLIFEspeaks in 2012, she has taught so many people in Neply, her family, and all of her teachers just how much someone with her disability can learn! Cammie is extremely smart!

For many Haitians, before they knew Cammie, they believed that children like her could not do or learn anything, that they had little value or worth. Now, they see how smart she is and how her smile and her loving personality affects others. Cammie has changed the way many people view individuals with special needs or disabilities.

Cammie lives with her mom Stania, grandma, and six siblings who were also placed in myLIFEspeaks’ forever foster care program. She receives lots of love from her family and the entire community and attends LIFE Academy where she receives special education. She also goes to LIFE Therapy regularly for physical therapy.

She has a hard time swallowing food so she relies on Pediasure to maintain nutrition and optimal health. She also sometimes has trouble sleeping so she receives appropriate medication to help with that too.

Cammie has made great progress interacting with her family members and nannies and is growing into a confident, wonderful young lady. Cammie loves her family and loves attending school at LIFE Academy.

She has a huge heart, loves school, her family, music and dancing. She has the most amazing SMILE that shows just how much she loves LIFE!

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