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LIFE Therapy: Sharing the Gospel Behind the Scenes

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Our myLIFEspeaks staff consistently goes above and beyond to bring Christ to the forefront of all we do. We are always so encouraged when we hear about things they are doing even behind the scenes to share the Gospel when seemingly no one is looking.

Our LIFE Therapy Clinic staff is a great example of this. Back when LIFE Therapy was shut down during COVID, therapy staff created a whatsapp group chat for patients and their parents as a way to keep in touch and provide encouragement. After LIFE Therapy Clinic opened back up in June, they continued to share information, encouragement, and they started to share weekly Bible verses and scripture as well. Staff also has started posting Bible verses on the wall of the clinic.

Now some of LIFE Therapy patients/parents of patients are even sharing scripture as well on their own in the group chat. We love seeing how God is working in hearts especially behind the scenes. God is good and He is moving in Haiti.

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