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LIFE-sustaining nutrition for children

On this #WorldFoodDay we want to highlight our children's feeding program! Pre-COVID we had over 100 children from the commUNITY coming to campus to eat 5 days a week. For many children, it may be the only meal they would have that day.

These are children we personally know and have determined as vulnerable or at-risk of food insecurity in their homes. Our commUNITY children's feeding program serves to bridge the gap for poor families by 1) ensuring vulnerable children get LIFE-sustaining nutrition and 2) empowering families to stay together and prevent the relinquishment of children to orphanages or slave labor out of desperation.

$5 feeds a child, and their family, in Haiti for a week. The thing is in Haiti, everyone shares. If one child has more food, they will give to another without and visa versa. At feeding program, you will never see leftovers on plates. Children as young as 2-3 can be seen scraping their leftovers onto their siblings and neighbors plates. Nothing is wasted and everything they have they share. If there is extra, they take it home to their families.

Today, post-COVID and having pivoted our feeding program to "in-home" meal delivery, these same children and now their entire family are able to eat as a result. In-home rice, beans, and oil delivery allows the parents to be the "heroes" and provide for their children.

This is what we wanted all along, COVID protocols just expedited the process.

To help provide meals for vulnerable children and their families on a monthly basis visit and join #TheTable!

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