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Ketline's Story: Faith in Adversity

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

On Sunday, March 14th, Ketline was riding on a motorcycle in nearby village of Bire when another motorcycle hit her. Her leg was completely open above the ankle with bones and muscles exposed. Her leg was nearly amputated and she was bleeding immensely.

She still had a pulse and nerve supply to the foot but was bleeding badly and we were worried at the levels of blood she was losing. Our Director of Physical Therapy and Public Health Liaison, Rhonda Nisbett Pierre, was able to stabilize Ketline and and pack the wound with gauze to stop the bleeding and stabilized the broken bones in a fracture boot.

We put her in the back of the truck and they drove her to Diquini hospital for orthopedic care. Meanwhile, Rhonda called Dr. Nelson (orthopedic surgeon at Diquini) and sent photos of Ketline’s leg and he called the OR team in on emergency notice.

It was a Sunday but by God's Grace they all showed up and w