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Ketline's Story: Faith in Adversity

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

On Sunday, March 14th, Ketline was riding on a motorcycle in nearby village of Bire when another motorcycle hit her. Her leg was completely open above the ankle with bones and muscles exposed. Her leg was nearly amputated and she was bleeding immensely.

She still had a pulse and nerve supply to the foot but was bleeding badly and we were worried at the levels of blood she was losing. Our Director of Physical Therapy and Public Health Liaison, Rhonda Nisbett Pierre, was able to stabilize Ketline and and pack the wound with gauze to stop the bleeding and stabilized the broken bones in a fracture boot.

We put her in the back of the truck and they drove her to Diquini hospital for orthopedic care. Meanwhile, Rhonda called Dr. Nelson (orthopedic surgeon at Diquini) and sent photos of Ketline’s leg and he called the OR team in on emergency notice.

It was a Sunday but by God's Grace they all showed up and were waiting for her when she arrived! Dr. Nelson was able to do emergency surgery and place a rod and pins to stabilize the fractures and to close the wound as best as he could. However, the trauma to the soft tissue (skin, muscles, etc) was so extensive there wasn’t enough to completely close it up.

After a week at the hospital, they released Ketline into myLIFEspeaks’ care for daily dressing changes and wound care with hopes the wound would start to close more on it’s own. The wound is open and you can see bone and muscle tendons exposed which places her at great risk of infection.

Dr. Nelson says they may have to do an extensive operation involving shortening the bone temporarily so they can close the wound and prevent infection and potential amputation. Then at a later date they would do another procedure to lengthen her leg again so they are equal.

Despite the situation, Ketline has the most positive attitude and is being extremely strong and brave! She says she has prayed and given thanks to God for being with her because she knows how close she was to losing her foot and the risk that is ongoing.

She knows God has her in His hands and He knows the plan for when she will be better and she can wait through the time it will take.

Please join us in praying for Ketline's complete healing! Thank you.

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