Jordan's Story: Rising Up

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Look who is standing on his own!

Jordan is 7 years old (approximately) and has Cerebral Palsy. This smiley, joyful boy came into our care after he was found abandoned at a nearby hospital and has been an integral part of his adopted family and our commUNITY ever since. He doesn't talk or walk on his own (yet 😉) but his smile speaks for itself.

He came to us extremely malnourished and frail, an all too common occurrence for abandoned children with special needs at hospitals. Today, Jordan is thriving and has the biggest smile 24/7.

He is a friend to everyone, and loves hanging out with his 3 siblings, mom and dad, classmates and friends. He has quickly become a favorite in his Special Ed class at LIFE Academy and has made great progress in Physical and Occupational Therapy - gaining strength to where he is close to walking independently.

The kicker has been that Jordan doesn’t like to practice standing or walking by himself. He will do anything including purposefully falling over in attempts to keep contact with any stabilizing surfaces even if only one finger on your hand.

He has been working hard in therapy and has occasionally shown the ability to stand for a second or two and even take a few steps before he quickly realizes he’s let go. LIFE Therapy has been working with Jordan almost daily since opening our clinic doors back up.

Today Jordan had a major breakthrough! He is standing completely by himself for minutes at a time without fear or grasping for any nearby surfaces. He even lowered himself down to sit after several minutes of standing on his own.

This was a HUGE moment for Jordan and all of us as we witnessed him reach new heights with confidence.

Way to go Jordan! We are so proud of you!

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