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Jordan's Story: Rising Up

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Jordan is 9 years old and came into myLIFEspeaks’ care after he was found abandoned at a nearby hospital, extremely malnourished and frail. It’s likely Jordan was abandoned because of his special needs. He has cerebral palsy.

He also has motor /cognitive delays and is primarily non-verbal, however, does vocalize purposefully and communicates via hands and gestures.

Jordan walking the red carpet at Night to Shine 2020 in Haiti.

Jordan was abandoned in Ti Goave, west of Leogane, and was discovered by an American missionary who was visiting the hospital. The hospital allowed Jordan to be released into the care of the missionary to receive intensive treatment for malnutrition. This missionary had no plan to keep Jordan long-term and was not even connected to an orphanage (licensed or otherwise).

This is an unfortunate result of lax or nonexistent oversight and protection of children by the systems in Haiti. Fortunately, this particular missionary was working in Jordan's best interests but that is not always the case. Jordan could easily have been a victim of abuse or trafficking or worse. It took some work with local authorities to have Jordan properly and legally placed with myLIFEspeaks.

Jordan had suffered acute malnutrition and was extremely small and frail for his approximate age. Despite all that he had endured, Jordan is a very happy and friendly kid and is almost always smiling.

He quickly became a favorite in his Special Education class at LIFE Academy with his smile and joyful presence. Jordan continues to make great strides in LIFE Therapy learning to walk on his own unassisted. He slowly began to take steps on his own and then was able to take several at a time. A really cool moment, and a huge triumph, for Jordan when he was able to walk the Red Carpet at Night To Shine in 2021 entirely on his own!

Jordan walking the red carpet at Night to Shine 2021.

Jordan loves to swim and loves attending school at LIFE Academy. He is part of one of our forever house families with parents, Angela and Dashmi, and three siblings; Abraham, Pippine, and Neika. Jordan is a friend to everyone and loves hanging out with his 3 siblings, mom and dad, classmates, and friends.

Jordan with his forever family at myLIFEspeaks.

Jordan’s story could have ended very differently but because of myLIFEspeaks, Jordan was given a second chance at LIFE; and LIFE to the full. He has a loving family and parents who adore him, many friends and classmates, and is cherished by an entire village community. He knows his worth and knows the love of God through the love of myLIFEspeaks and the village community.

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