Happy Grove: myLIFEspeaks' Community Garden!

Updated: Sep 13

Some of the okra and corn harvested from our community garden, Happy Grove!

Under the care of myLIFEspeaks Agronomist, Gerald, and his team, Happy Grove is flourishing so much so that we've been able to give bags of fresh produce out to participants of our weekly programs and patients and staff at LIFE Clinic in addition to our regular Feeding Program recipients.

This is an incredible highlight in a season that otherwise has been wrought with gang violence, political unrest, little fuel, food insecurity, and despair in Haiti.

Food has been more difficult to find and afford and through this garden, God has helped provide in ways we didn't know were possible.

We are so grateful for all the hard work of our Happy Grove staff (Gerald and his team to help feed the community with fresh, local produce.

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