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"Daily and Spiritual Bread": In-Home Feeding Assistance Program

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Our In-Home Feeding Assistance Program delivers meals (beans, rice, and cooking oil) every month to 103 children and families in need in our community. Without myLIFEspeaks’ support, these children and families otherwise may not have food eat. This program gives families a hand-up, not a hand-out, while helping stand in the nutritional gap. MyLIFEspeaks provides the supplies in-home so that parents can provide and prepare the meals and be the real "heroes" instead of the children coming to myLIFEspeaks' campus to eat meals.

This empowers the parents with the means to be able to provide for their children's needs while also encouraging the family to break bread and share meals together in their homes.

Our Director of Community Development, Adam Pierre, also personally visits the children and families throughout the week to check in on them and pray with and over them. Every Thursday Adam hosts a children's devotional at the myLIFEspeaks campus for children in the program to come learn more about Jesus and the Gospel.

Here’s what Adam had to say about the programs’ impact:

“I have received several testimonials about the program. Sure, we deliver 103 meals bags of food every month, but what we do more than 103 families have benefited [from]. The program has reduced the rate of malnutrition in the community and we have over 103 families praying for myLIFEspeaks every day.

This program is really beneficial for the children in our community of Neply and other areas near Neply. A lot of people come to me to get their children into this program, because the program has made a huge physical, moral, and spiritual impact on the children. Many parents would like to have a child in the program because they believe that children not only received daily bread but also spiritual bread through the program."

We know that Jesus provides for both physical and spiritual needs. We, at myLIFEspeaks, believe we are called to help do the same. It is amazing to see how God continues to move through and grow this In-Home Feeding Assistance Program, empowering and uplifting over a hundred families in our immediate community. Children are becoming stronger and healthier daily, through both physical and spiritual bread.

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