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Bringing Aid to the Unreached: September 16th Trip to Remote Villages in Les Cayes

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

On Thursday, September 16th, myLIFEspeaks staff left Neply at 3 am to bring relief supplies to rural areas of Les Cayes that were hard hit by the earthquake. It ended up being quite the adventure and operation.

First, we stopped in Savanette to deliver supplies to River Flow Ministries who would disperse tarps, hygiene, and food supplies to the people they serve in Savanette, Port Salomon, and Guilleme.

Then we drove another two hours further up into the mountains to bring aid to the remote village of Gwo Mòn, who hadn’t received any aid yet due to the difficulty of reaching it.

We got to a point up the mountain, where due to the rain, we couldn’t take the vehicles any further. We would deliver the supplies on foot. It was amazing how quickly the villagers stepped up to help us carry all the supplies up the rest of the way up.

The locals were eager to help and relieved to finally have aid arrive. Once all the supplies got to the on-ground organization in Gwo Mòn we were supporting (Mission Evangelique Nouvelle Jérusalem d’Haïti), we met with the pastor who was organizing the rest of the supply distribution.

The pastor had passed out cards earlier to the villagers and anyone with a card could come to get their bag. He shared the Gospel with all those gathered around, before the distribution. The locals were so glad to receive tarps, food, and hygiene supplies.

We were the first people to go to their area for any disaster relief. The Haitian responsible for the organization in Gwo Mòn is in America right now and after seeing pictures he was in tears of joy at the blessing this was for his village.

Then we began the long trek back to Neply, finally arriving safe and sound at 10:30 pm. It was incredible what God was able to do today! This is possible because of generous people like you supporting the Haiti Relief Fund!

You helped provide supplies, encouragement, and the Gospel message to the unreached. Thank you!

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Karrie Forbes
Karrie Forbes
Sep 22, 2021

Your wonderful heart to serve others continues!

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