Baby Christla ("Christ Here"): Her Powerful Story of Survival

Mama M recently moved to Neply from a neighboring village with three young children ages 2, 7, and 13. They are living in a small 10 x 10 concrete floor, plywood-siding house. In American standards, the house resembles a backyard shed. But to this Haitian family, it is home.

Mama M didn’t know anyone in Neply and has no family nearby. She was pregnant and had tried to abort her baby several times during the pregnancy by getting injections and drinking medicine/poison she purchased.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want the baby; she was desperate, already struggling to care for her current three children. She believed there was no way she could give this child a good LIFE and that the baby was better off dead.

All of the abortion attempts failed.

The night of Thursday, January 21st, three women walking nearby heard Mama M screaming and realizing she was giving birth rushed to help her. The baby girl survived four abortion attempts and was born perfectly healthy (seemingly) and beautiful. God saved this baby and has a purpose for her LIFE.

These three women dropped everything they were doing to help a stranger in need who had no family or support system nearby. They delivered the baby, cut the umbilical cord, and even slept on the floor through the night to make sure mom and baby were okay.

The next afternoon, the women realized Mama M needed more support and sought myLIFEspeaks help. They brought the baby to myLIFEspeaks’ commUNITY center where they told us about the situation and we were able to get involved.

Missy Wilson (Co-Founder), Andrea Price, and a few myLIFEspeaks staff went to Mama M’s house and offered help, support, and food.

Mama M decided to keep her baby and named her Chrisla; which means “Christ here” in Creole. Mama M sees this baby not as a burden, but now as a miracle and Child of God born for a purpose. We know God saved baby Chrisla and is going to use her LIFE in big ways.

Mama M had a change of heart and with the support of an entire commUNITY and village family, now feels empowered to raise her fourth baby when previously she felt helpless.

myLIFEspeaks will continue to walk alongside this new mother and her children to empower her and stand in the gaps to ensure they have physical and spiritual needs met.

On January 25th 2021, Mama M and baby went to LIFE Clinic to be assessed and checked out. Both of them are doing well.

Ladies in the village commUNITY have come together to give Mama M breaks during the day by helping with the baby and children so she can rest. myLIFEspeaks has added their family to our Feeding Program which means they will be receiving beans, rice, and cooking oil monthly to ensure they have enough food to eat.

It is beautiful to witness a miracle, like baby Chrisla. It is inspiring to see an entire commUNITY wrap around a stranger in love and support, helping her see what LIFE surrounded in Christ looks like. It's moments and miracles like these on earth that give us little glimpses into the vastness and incomprehensible Love of God we will someday experience in Heaven.

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