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Christla ("Christ Here"): Her Powerful Story of Survival

Updated: Jan 23

It is stories like Christla’s that remind us of God’s incomprehensible love, faithfulness, and redemptive power in even the darkest of situations. Christla wasn’t supposed to live. But God had other plans for her LIFE.

Christla was born on Thursday, January 21st, 2021 after surviving four failed abortion attempts. Miraculously, she was born completely healthy with no complications or issues.

It wasn’t that Christla’s mom didn’t want her; she was desperate, already struggling to care for her other three children. She believed there was no way she could give this child a good LIFE and that the baby was better off dead. Mama and her three young children had recently moved to Neply and were living in a 10x10 concrete floor home struggling to make ends meet. Mama didn’t know anyone in Neply and had no family nearby. And because we had no idea she was there, she didn’t know about myLIFEspeaks’ programming either for at-risk, vulnerable families and pregnant mothers.

She tried to abort her baby several times during the pregnancy by getting injections and drinking the medicine/poison she purchased. All of the attempts failed.

When three women in our village heard Mama giving birth one night, they dropped everything to help a stranger in need. They delivered the baby, cut the umbilical cord, and even slept on the floor through the night to make sure mom and baby were okay. The next day, the women realized Mama needed more support and sought myLIFEspeaks help. They brought the baby to our commUNITY center where they told us about the situation and we were able to get involved.

Mama has since been empowered, had a change of heart, and has embraced God’s Call to raise baby Christla along with her older three children. She even named her baby as a constant reminder of God’s Faithfulness and this miracle. Christla, meaning “Christ here” in Creole, now will be a living testament of God’s Presence every day of her LIFE.

Christla, meaning “Christ here” in Creole, now will be a living testament of God’s Presence every day of her LIFE.

Today, Mama sees Christla not as a burden or a curse, but as a Child of God born for a purpose. We know God saved Christla and is going to use her LIFE in big ways. And Mama is not alone in raising her children. myLIFEspeaks and an entire village commUNITY have wrapped around her to help stand in the gap and meet both physical and spiritual needs.

Christla’s family is now part of our In-Home Feeding Assistance Program where they receive beans, rice, and cooking oil monthly to ensure they have food to eat. They also have the support and love of an entire community that has welcomed them with open arms and offered to help watch the children sometimes to give Mama a break. This is what commUNITY in Christ looks like!

Today, Christla and her family are thriving! She is healthy, growing, and a little shy. She brings so much joy to her mom and family and her LIFE is a blessing!

Each week, Adam, our Director of Community Development, checks on the families in our Feeding Assistance Program. He says Christla, her siblings, and mom are doing well and they are living in a different house in Neply now; one that is stronger, more secure, and has more room for them.

Thank you for your support of myLIFEspeaks and for helping make this redemption story possible.

myLIFEspeaks Director of Community Development, Adam Pierre, with Christla (Left) and two of her older siblings.


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