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With Ports Under Gang Control, Necessary Supplies Become Scarce

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Merdine is a fighter and a survivor. Contrary to her size and looks, Merdine is actually 8 years old. She was born prematurely at 2.5 lbs, ceased to thrive, and was abandoned at a hospital by her birth mother.

When Merdine came to live in a family at myLIFEspeaks, she was 1.5 years old and weighed just 6 lbs. She struggles with chronic reflux, Cerebral Palsy, and Scoliosis.

Merdine has made tremendous progress over the years but like several of the other children with special needs in our care, she relies on formula (Pediasure) for nutrition, as she cannot eat whole foods.

We’re sharing this today because Merdine needs your prayers. Haiti needs your prayers. Merdine's special formula is at a missionary shipping service at the port and we literally can’t get to it.

Fuel at Haitian ports is being held hostage by gangs demanding huge ransoms for its release. This has forced banks, hospitals, and businesses to close because they can't power their generators for electricity. Transportation is limited. Gang violence and kidnappings continue to escalate.

We have no way of getting Merdine and other children the formula that we have shipped in. We have a limited amount left.

With banks closed, we weren’t able to get the monthly food stipends for our families. This hurts everyone but especially children like Merdine.

People from our community are ready and willing to risk their lives to travel to Port-au-Prince to get it for her.

Please pray over this situation. Please pray especially for Haiti to be open to hear God’s voice, to repent from evil and turn to God, and for the country to open and find peace.

Thank you in advance!

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