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LIFE Academy is in session in new building!

The 2022-2023 school year got a late start due to all the unrest and violence across Haiti but LIFE Academy was able to start school quietly, and on the down low, in November 2022.

At first, teachers and students didn't wear their uniforms to give away the idea that school was in session and unintentionally become a target for gang members. This is why we have not posted anything about LIFE Academy starting school on our platforms. We intentionally want to protect our students and teachers' safety first and foremost.

However, we got permission from our security team to share the good news that school IS happening for the 151 students (General Education and Special Education) and 36 Teaching staff at LIFE Academy. This year, LIFE Academy has 12 classes including 4 SPED classrooms. Gen Ed classes are Pre-K through 6th grade this year.

They are fully transitioned over to the new building which was initially built to be a volunteer/guest house but now is being re-purposed for LIFE Academy school and classrooms. This new building has been a huge blessing and they are loving having their own space that is just for the school and not being shared daily with other programs.

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