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The Haiti Relief YOU Are Making Possible!

We are so encouraged by the outpouring of support for Haiti over the past week as the country and Haitian people begin to repair, rebuild, and heal after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and Tropical Storm Grace pummeled the already despairing country one week ago.

All this on the heels of last month's horrific assassination of Haiti's President, Jovenel Moïse. As one of our staff members said recently, "It seems that the only break Haiti can catch right now is heartbreak."

But generous people like you have continued to stand in the gap with financial and spiritual support of our Haitian brothers and sisters. Thank you for being living examples of Christ's Love and putting your faith into action for those who are in need! We couldn't do it without you.

As of August 23rd, you, our myLIFEspeaks family, have raised over $8,500 in direct support of on-ground organizations in Les Cayes and neighboring hard hit areas, whom we personally know and trust.

One of the biggest needs