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September 2nd Supply Delivery Success!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Today our team safely & successfully made another trip to deliver 600 tarps and $2,000 worth of food, hygiene products, and water to on-ground organizations in Les Cayes working to serve earthquake victims.

These incredible organizations are Agape to the Nations, Little Footprints Big Steps, and Foundation Tous Ensemble (FONTEN) in Les Cayes. Each of these ministries received 10 sacks of rice, 10 packs of bulk spaghetti, 10 gallons of oil, 10 boxes of bulk soap, 1 box of toothbrushes, 1 box of toothpaste, 3 packs of bulk toilet paper, 10 bottles of Gadyen Dlo (water treatment), 30 water bags, 160 tarps (6X8), and 40 tarps (8X10) to distribute to community members in need.

Thank you for support our Haiti Relief Fund and making the support of these amazing, trustworthy, on-ground organizations in hard hit Les Cayes, possible!!

Follow along on Instagram & Facebook for more updates of what is happening daily! To support myLIFEspeaks' Haiti Relief Fund, click here.

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