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3 Things To Pray For: Fuel, Food Prices, and Our Haitian Leaders

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

September 7, 2022

We’re asking for you to pray specifically for some major obstacles Haitians are facing on top of widespread gang violence and protesting across the country.

Even when we think things can’t possibly get worse, somehow they are. However, our Haitian leadership on-ground continues to show tremendous faith in God to provide and continue to be positive in very grim situations.

1. Pray For Fuel

Please pray that we’re able to find diesel for the generators in Haiti and that God will provide! A few of our staff have been tirelessly looking for fuel all day for several days straight with no luck.

Many gas stations have sold the limited fuel they DO have to sellers on the black market who are price gouging. The price on the black market is reaching $20/gallon in some places.

We usually run off solar during the day but at night must rely on the generators for power. Without fuel, we can't run the generators. Pray for our House Families who will likely be sleeping tonight without power - meaning no lights, no fans, and no refrigerators.

2. Pray For Food Prices

Food prices are outrageous right now in Haiti with inflation.

For context, we're used to paying $20 for a big bag of rice; now a big bag of rice is $42. The average cost of a small bag of rice is now over $34. This is unbelievable and most can’t afford to get what they once did.

We typically pay $4 for half a gallon of cooking oil. Now the same amount is $7.

We can usually get a bag of beans for $20 but now it's gone up to $65 for the same size bag.

3. Pray For Haitian Leadership

Pray for our Haitian leadership on-ground fighting day after day to keep things running smoothly under such tumultuous conditions. They continue to fight so hard to make all of this happen and are always so positive even when things are looking grim.

Even when roads are blocked due to protests and violence, they figure out a way to get things done. They continue to say “God’s gonna provide”. Their faith is amazing and inspires us.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen them, protect them, and guide them in wisdom and provision. They continue to face trial after trial with resilience and unshakable faith.

Thank you for covering ministry in prayer! We are so grateful for your spiritual support through these difficult times.

In Christ,

The myLIFEspeaks Team

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