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November 2021 Haiti Update: Americans Kidnapped, No Fuel in Country, Resources Dwindling

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

You've most likely heard by now but Haiti has been in news headlines for more negative, scary reasons in recent weeks. Sixteen Americans and one Canadian with the group Christian Aid Ministries, out of Ohio, are on week three of being held for ransom by a notorious criminal gang in Haiti. Gang members are asking for $17 million, one million dollars per person, for their release.

The group was abducted while traveling outside of the capital city, on a street that is known to be in gang territory. It is unknown where they are at this time and what condition they are in, although there has been proof of life.

The way this situation is handled and negotiated going forward affects every American in third-world and/or foreign countries. If a ransom is paid, a target is then on the backs of Americans in Haiti. If it's not paid, then the gang has said they will kill the missionaries.

This is a horrific situation and we ask for your prayers for wisdom, protection, the transformation of gang members' hearts, and for the safety of all the missionaries; some of whom are reportedly children.

In addition, please pray for our American and Haitian staff in Haiti as they are having to make very difficult decisions going forward. On top of safety concerns, Haiti as a whole is facing a lack of fuel and resources due to gangs halting the transportation of tankers from ports and threatening public safety.

At this time, we are unable to find jugs of water for families. Thankfully, we have clean water wells in Neply and are using this as an alternative for the time being.

Bottom line, we NEED God to move mightily in Haiti. The Haitian people, these kidnapped missionaries, and all involved need your prayers. We will do our best to keep you updated as best as we can.

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