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Meet myLIFEspeaks' New Discipleship Leader

Pastor Enock Senevil joined myLIFEspeaks Community Development Department on January 4th, 2023, as myLIFEspeaks' new Discipleship Leader. We are very excited and grateful to have Pastor Enock as part of the team & myLIFEspeaks family!

As a ministry that strives to show the love of Christ and make disciples through sharing, teaching, and serving; Pastor Enock's role in Discipleship is a huge part of reaching this greater goal. His discipleship touches aspects of all programs and departments of the ministry and will serve as continued spiritual support to our staff and community alike.

Pastor Enock will be especially focusing on walking with and discipling the teenagers and young adults in the village. This is of crucial importance, especially now, because they are the future of Neply and Haiti.

Pastor Enock has lived in Neply since he was a child and still does with his wife and two children. His wife works at myLIFEspeaks' LIFE Clinic. Pastor Enock is a licensed theologian and Greek teacher. He would eventually like to get his Master's Degree in Theology. He sees myLIFEspeaks ministry as a great strength and advantage for Neply, Leogane, and Haiti as a whole.

We are so grateful and blessed to have Pastor Enock as part of the myLIFEspeaks family and team!

Specifics to his role include:

  • Leading the Wednesday prayer & worship time each week

  • Leading a Bible Study, open to all, one evening each week

  • Working closely with Bél Ewo, myLIFEspeaks' parent support group for parents of children with special needs, to ensure it stays Christ-centered

  • Working closely with Zanmi Pou Lavi, myLIFEspeaks' peer-to-peer buddy program for typically developing and special needs individuals, to ensure it stays Christ-centered

  • Training members of myLIFEspeaks programming to be disciples to others in the village and beyond

  • Assisting any other department that needs his services and spiritual guidance and support

Q&A with Pastor Enock

What work will you be doing?
  • “We will pray for the employees and supporters of myLIFEspeaks for God to protect them as people who are doing a serious job in the country, and teach them to be able to know and understand the word of God first, this will allow them to love their neighbors and live as a model to change the broken country.”

What goals do you have for your position?
  • “My goal is to make myLIFEspeaks serve as a model in its love for people, in the way it helps people, just as Jesus had compassion for people and gave his life for us.”

What are you most excited about when it comes to working at myLIFEspeaks?
  • “Every time I see that I have the chance to teach the word of God, I feel it is one of the greatest privileges a person can have in his life.”

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