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LIFE Academy's 7th First Day of School!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Have you ever seen more love in a school?? 😍

We’re convinced we have the most loving, passionate, and selfless teachers at LIFE Academy! The way they love, pray over, and educate both minds and hearts in Christ is beautiful to watch.

Today was LIFE Academy’s 7th “First Day of School”! With all that Haiti has been through this past year, finally here’s some good news and reason to celebrate!

This year LIFE Academy has 36 teachers and teaching assistants; up from 29 last school year. The number of total students at LIFE Academy also went up from 110 last year to 135 this year; with the addition of a fourth special education class and a 5th-grade class! The goal is to add an additional grade level every school year.

Teachers praying over all LIFE Academy students on their first day of school!

More lives are impacted and transformed through Christ each and every day as part of our Christ-Centered curriculum and education at LIFE Academy. God is doing amazing things through education in Haiti and through these amazing teachers. We, in Neply at myLIFEspeaks, are proud and humbled to be part of equipping and raising the next generation of Haiti's moms, dads, doctors, lawyers, professionals, and leaders.

We started LIFE Academy seven years ago with just two classes. Now we have 11 classes; 4 special education classes and 7 Pre-K through 5th-grade classes. Today, teachers and students kicked off the school year on the best foot by starting the day in praise and worship of the Lord. We are grateful for the ways God is continuing to use LIFE Academy to bring hope, faith, and a brighter future to Haiti!

About LIFE Academy

LIFE Academy is passionate about providing a higher level of learning and a safe place for special needs and typically developing children to learn and grow together. Our school is one of, if not the only, inclusive schools in our region of Haiti where children, both typically developing and special needs, learn together under the same roof. From a young age, students learn and understand their inherent dignity, worth, and identity as a beloved Child of God. They also understand that their peers and classmates who may look different than them, have wheelchairs, or have other special needs, are also perfectly made in the Image of God and worthy of love, respect, and friendship.

We have seen children as young as kindergarten lead adults in our community in the way they see and speak up for those with special needs. In Haiti, people with special needs are often outcasts and seen as less than or even as “cursed” due to the influence of VouDou culture. Because of our inclusive, integrative approach to education, these children as young as four years old are leading adults by example in how to treat those who are “different”. They treat them as they rightfully are in God’s Eyes, beloved, fearfully, and wonderfully made Children of the Most High. These children are the future of Haiti and they are the Christ-Centered leaders, mothers, and fathers, Haiti desperately needs. We know that their education at LIFE Academy, of both heart and mind, will set them up well for a brighter future for themselves and the country of Haiti as a whole.

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