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LIFE Academy is Moving!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

We have an exciting announcement! We’re moving LIFE Academy to our brand new building that is nearly complete, minus still needing a more permanent security fence and solar to provide electricity.

Our Haitian LIFE Academy leadership, Security Council, and on-ground Security Team unanimously felt that the new, and currently unoccupied, building would be a better and safer fit for our growing school.

There is currently a temporary security fence surrounding the property which our Security Council and Security Team have deemed sufficient until we can raise specific funds for an upgraded, more permanent security fence. We will also be increasing our Security presence at the new building and school.

The new building was initially intended to be Volunteer and Guest Housing but with all the unrest, gang violence, and dangers to travel over the last two years this vision has pivoted. Now it will serve as an incredible new school building for our LIFE Academy students and teachers to use and enjoy daily.

One of the big considerations behind this move was regarding Earthquake Safety. As we all know, Haiti is prone to earthquakes and has had several major ones close to Neply over the last two years which has been nerve-wracking for the entire community.

This new building was specifically engineered to withstand an earthquake and the after-effects. Our students and teachers will feel more secure and safe in the new structure and be able to focus more on learning.

The current school and office building/campus will still be used for our kitchen, feeding program preparations, and trainings.

Recently, LIFE Academy Leaders, Jean Yves and Judith, led their colleagues and LIFE Academy teachers in a volunteer day cleaning up the inside and outside of the new building. Now they can begin the process of moving classrooms over to the new location.

We are so proud of our LIFE Academy Staff for coming together and taking ownership of their school! We cannot wait to see all that God does this year as the school moves to its new location.


If you'd like to learn more about the Gatekeeper Plus Project, which is geared specifically toward funding the solar & new security fence project for the new school, please reach out to Mike Wilson at

Everyone understands the necessity of school security and safety measures as well as a quality fence. Our goal is to continue providing a safe and secure environment where the message of Jesus can be taught and learned. This fits right in line with our strategy statement, ‘Showing the Love of Christ and Making Disciples through Sharing, Teaching, and Serving.’

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