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Karl’s Story: LIFE Therapy & LIFE Academy Spotlight

Meet Karl!

Karl is a new student at LIFE Academy this year in one of our three special education classes. He is new to our school but not to myLIFEspeaks. He has been part of the myLIFEspeaks commUNITY his entire LIFE. Karl lives in Bire, a neighboring village to Neply, and started coming to LIFE Therapy Clinic when he was a baby.

Karl has Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder in which an individual is born with an extra chromosome. Karl's form of Down Syndrome is on the more severe side in terms of decreased muscle tone and strength; often leading to issues with functional movement and independence. With help from LIFE Therapy Clinic, Karl has started to thrive and has developed exponentially since he first started physical therapy.

He went from not being able to even lift his arms or legs to now being able to sit up on his own. His transformation has been remarkable and it is beautiful to see Karl and his mom realize his potential and all he is capable of.

Although Karl is non-verbal, his personality continues to develop and shine through. He is highly vocal in expressing his likes and dislikes and has developed his own creative way of communicating.

Karl continues to gain strength and mobility through LIFE Therapy, both at our clinic and at home. We look forward to watching Karl continue to develop, increase functional mobility skills, and gain greater independence, in years to come.

We're so proud of you Karl! 🧡

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